About Us
The Foothills Jeep Club was formed to allow Jeep owners to get together and truly experience Jeep ownership and see what their Jeeps are capable of. The club breaths to motto: RIDE, EXPLORE, CAMP. As a club, we love going offroading and challenging ourselves on different levels of obstacles. But at the same time, nothing is greater than after a long day on the trail, pulling into camp, unwinding, pulling up a chair and finishing off the day talking about our trip, cooking some amazing food in our dutch ovens and being a close knit jeep family. We want members to persue the full capability of their Jeeps while remaining safe. Most of us drive our Jeeps to and from the trail and utilize them as a daily driver, so we're not out to break or destroy our Jeeps. But if you want too, we will gladly catch it on camera so you can watch it over and over.

Club Meetings
Club meetings will generally held once a month. Sometimes this will be in combination with an event if necessary. We take this time to discuss future rides, club garage days, upcoming projects, new events and grab a bite to eat at one of our local mom and pop establishments. You will be able to pay dues and purchase any club merchandise.

Who can Join?
A perspective member MUST own a Jeep vehicle. We don't care about the age or model. No modifications are required for membership. We will gladly welcome members with stock Jeeps to fully modified offroad rigs capable of the hardest trails. We will treat each others as equals no matter your rig type or experience.

What if Iíve never been off-highway?
No problem. The club has many members, all with different levels of experience. Some are just learning the basics of four-wheeling, while others have been doing it for years. Special care is taken on every trail ride to advise newcomers and teach some basic four-wheeling.
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