Foothills Jeep Club is a premier jeep club in the SouthEast that focuses on having fun and CONSERVING our trails. We are supporting members of the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association. With this being a core piece of our club, we can actively be involved in the conservation of our trail systems for not only us to enjoy but our kids and one day theirs. Being a club with members that believe firmly in these principles, we can ensure that they represent the club in a positive light when participating in adventures with the club and events not being held by the club.

You will find our club members out on the trail and involved in events throughout the year. These events range from mild to adanced off-roading to camping in the foothills of the SouthEast. We're a family oriented club, that plans our events with families in mind. What fun is it if you can't bring the entire family?

If you feel that we may be what you're looking for in a off-roading family, feel free to visit the membership page and send your info to us. We will reach out to you via your preferred method and plan for you to meet the group.
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Join us at Butts & Barley for our 2018
Ride Raffle!!!

Jan 20th: Foothills Club Ride